Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales

Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales
Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Moving Being

Khandro Déchen Tsédrüp Rolpa’i Yeshé is a Nyingma Lama who teaches in the Dzogchen lineage of Aro Lingma. Her clear, direct and detailed handbook of sKu-mNyé (also known as kum nye) enables those with determination to embark on an adventure into the otherwise hidden dimension of energy revealed through Dzogchen longdé – the series of space.

Thirty-five elemental exercises cover seven dynamic movements from each of the long-de series of symbolic animals: lion, vulture, tiger, eagle, and garuda.

Aro sKu-mNye can be practised by almost anyone, whatever their body type, because the forms range from simple to challenging - from mild to strongly aerobic.

The theoretical background to the exercises is explained in simple contemporary English. It is accessible to those with no experience of Vajrayana Buddhism – yet contains a wealth of footnotes which will be of be of value and interest to those who have practised intensively and studied the tradition in depth.

These excercises are finely illustrated by the artist Pauline Williams. A western life-drawing style has been chosen in order to portray real-life practitioners of Aro sKu-mNyé rather than the perfect iconographic bodies of yogis and yoginis depicted in Tibetan thangka painting.

Moving Being may be purchased as a print-on-demand publication from the Aro Books worldwide shop.

Monday 13 July 2009

Tobacco: ‘the guide that leads the blind on a false path which ends in a precipice’

In his endless kindness to Vajrayana practitioners, Kyabjé Düd’jom Rinpoche quotes from the gTérmas of Chögyal Ratna Lingpa, Sang-gyé Lingpa, Rig’dzin Go’dem, Düd’dül Dorje, gTértön Longsel, Thugchog Dorje, Dro’dül Lingpa, and Ma-gÇig Labdrön, in order to explain the non-ordinary visionary history which illuminates the deleterious nature of tobacco. Warnings concerning tobacco have been revealed as gTérmas since the first spread of Buddhism in Tibet, and therefore authentic Nyingma practitioners cannot have association with tobacco. Düd’jom Rinpoche’s treatise deals with demonic intentionality as discussed in the gTérmas of the great gTértöns, and is thus mainly influential with those Vajrayana practitioners who have confidence in Padmasambhava and the
gTérma tradition. It should, however, be of interest to other Buddhists—and to people in general—that such warnings have existed for so long and that they are so vehement.

Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish

Spacious Passion - 2009 Edition

2009 revised edition of Spacious Passion is now available.

A Buddhist book exploring the sutric teaching of ‘The Four Thoughts that turn the Mind to Practice’ as vividly relevant to our everyday lives: the extraordinarily precious opportunity to live as an honourable human being; the experience of impermanence that pervades our existence as an opportunity to awaken; the emotional and psychological patterning which dominates our lives (karma); and the seemingly endless cycle of dissatisfaction in which we imprison ourselves. Each chapter ends with a series of questions and answers which are both pragmatic and inspirational. Ngakma Nor'dzin has been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism for more than twenty years. ISBN: 978-1-898185-07-9

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