Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales

Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales
Help us to establish Drala Jong - a Buddhist Retreat Centre in Wales

Saturday 28 August 2010

Relaxing into Meditation - Audio Files

Recordings of relaxation and meditation practice instructions to accompany Relaxing into Meditation are now available as mp3 downloads from Lulu.

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Friday 13 August 2010

Relaxing into Meditation - featured in the Tenby Observer

"A book giving tips on relaxation and meditation has taken inspiration from the shores of Tenby for its cover art. Relaxing into Mediation, the second book by Cardiff-based author Ngakma Nor'dzin, has been described by one reviewer as "the best book on meditation I've ever read", and provides exercises and practices to live a life free from stress. Ngakma, a Western Buddhist Lama, says she enjoys a week's holiday in Tenby every year and one of the photographs taken of the South Beach proved to be ideal for the cover of a book which is published on August 13. "

Thursday 12 August 2010

Relaxing into Meditation - now available from Aro Books worldwide

Relaxing into Meditation by Ngakma Nor'dzin is now available from Aro Books worldwide.

"Relaxing into Meditation begins with relaxation and breathing techniques specifically aimed at creating relaxation of the body and calmness of mind before embarking on meditation practices which may be more demanding.  In this way it provides a place where anyone can begin, without any prior experience."

Ngakma Nor'dzin will be taking part in a virtual book launch on Facebook on Friday 13th August ( and will be available to answer questions about the book.

To read about Relaxing into Meditation please see the book's page at the Aro Books worldwide website (

To visit the shop please go to Lulu (

Saturday 7 August 2010

Relaxing into Meditation : Book review by Kamili Feelings

The title of the book sounds very inviting: Relaxing into Meditation. But I guess I always reserved a bit of apprehension about the book itself, specifically because my experiences with classroom practices in meditation have usually involved me quickly trying to “get it” before everyone else begins. Invariably, the teacher needs to move on, and I'm found later sitting there still trying to figure it out (Am I sitting comfortably? Am I sitting upright and comfortably? Should I be comfortable or uncomfortable? Am I meditating?) instead of applying myself to this practice of meditating.

However, this book was written very much for the common person - like myself - who needs a bit of longhand instruction, practice at doing it, repetitive language to ease the transition into a new kind of practice, and a patient and uniform tone (although not a monotonous one).

This read was not only an easy one, but a very compassionate, economical one: I was able to read it, stop for a moment to practice what was suggested, then go back to reading without some word, term or complicated passage tripping me up. In fact, to ease the process of learning the author even suggests that some exercises are easier than they sound (a clear indication of time spent with visual and practice-based learners), and suggests that the uninitiated have someone read it to them when possible. The patience and accessibility of the information is one of the highlights of the book throughout.

In addition, the inspired italicized passages describing the author's classroom environment allowed me a window into the practice done over time and within different kinds of environments, and with different kinds of people. Strangely enough, those descriptions seemed to help me connect up with the practice much like I do when I am in a classroom. I suppose that, in reading the passages, I imagined the support of others around me doing the exercises too.

The content itself I found helpful as well. There are expository passages, such as the suggestions for singing, that speak to societal and personal pressures that keep us inhibited about practices that are possibly life-sustaining for us. I feel the short-handed written reasoning about such matters—without being overly negative about societal—or our self-induced pressures - helps us to gain some compassion for ourselves out there. The practices themselves, along with the philosophy behind them, simply offer an alternative to the current practices - an alternative that has the potential to be so much more helpful to our minds and bodies.

I appreciate the opportunity to be the first to experience this easy to follow, supportive book.


Relaxing into Meditation by Ngakma Nor'dzin
Aro Books worldwide  ISBN 978-1-898185-17-8

Available from,,, and other bookshops worldwide.

Friday 6 August 2010

Falmouth 1 by Doc Togden

A view of Falmouth from the quay south of the Art School.

"Painting or drawing—or otherwise making marks with anything, even with a computer—is a way of knowing something about a person, thing, or place. To depict a place is to translate the colours and shapes provided by reflected light. No one ever paints or draws exactly what is there. What is painted or drawn is a recognition of the momentary patterns that makes sense to the artist. "

--Doc Togden

An article about the painting and links to where copies may be bought,  is on the Aro Books worldwide website

Sunday 1 August 2010

Relaxing into Meditation : Book review by Rossinna Ippolito

Relaxing into Meditation is the best book on meditation I've ever read, and I've been browsing them since the mid-70's. I say this because of the distinction made between relaxation and meditation, and the explanation of why relaxation must happen before meditation can begin. I have never seen it spelled out so clearly before, and in such a gentle, non-didactic manner. The writing draws you in and you come to love the teacher as if you were also a member of one of her meditation groups. I love that the chapters are short and not overwhelming. The author doesn't talk down to the reader and isn't too folksy. It is simple, but not “meditation for dummies.”

Some years ago I was watching a cable-access show presented by one of the guru-types that so frequently make appearances on such venues. One thing he mentioned came through loud and clear. In his discussion on meditating the guru explained that one can't just jump into meditation and expect it to “work.” Rather, he said that “the secret” is that your focus should be on “becoming meditative” rather than “meditating.” That is, if you stop putting the emphasis on attempting to have the perfect meditation experience and just relax by performing the preliminaries, a meditative state will come upon you in a natural, non-forced manner.

This struck me, for having read various meditation books through the years I would become motivated to practice but would stop and start, becoming bored or frustrated with my lack of “progress.” Thus, hearing about the idea of not trying so hard at it, but just relaxing into "becoming meditative" was very appealing. Unfortunately, I never saw that presenter's show again so I never learned what it meant to “become meditative” – that is, until I read Relaxing into Meditation.

The beauty of the text is in the presentation of the ways of becoming meditative, i.e. through breath-work, song or movement. Each exercise is enough in itself. There is no pressure to move on to the next technique, and the benefits of each level are given respect. That is not to say one is not invited to try other meditative techniques, just that each one is whole and respected in itself.

The illustrations of the text along with the warm and friendly manner in which it is written make attempting each new meditative technique a real pleasure. This is a fabulous book for those who have been curious about meditation but were a little hesitant, feeling they didn't have “the right stuff” to be successful at it. The text is gentle and fun and calmly inspiring, and even if you have dabbled in meditation before you'll learn new ways to think about what you have been doing. Relaxing into Meditation is sure to become a classic.


Relaxing into Meditation by Ngakma Nor'dzin
Aro Books worldwide  ISBN 978-1-898185-17-8

Available from,,, and other bookshops worldwide.