Friday, 18 November 2011

Dear Sir or Madman - The Rabbit of Typographical Errors

Some years ago I wrote a letter to a psychiatrist.  Years later I looked at a copy of the letter and couldn't believe what I'd written. The letter began:

'Dear Sir or Madman,'

Yes, I'd written 'Madman' ... in a letter to a psychiatrist.  I never did receive a reply.

More recently I let another typing error go unnoticed, I'd misspelt 'risible' on the Rabbit mugs - all of them.

Unfortunately they've been selling rather well, so I've been gainfully employed not only in correcting the error, but also in contacting the customers to arrange replacement.  It's been a time-consuming lesson in proofreading and the results of not checking things thoroughly.

As you can see from the Rabbit of Death, the mugs are now all correct and once more ready for sale.  Take a look at them at or . Do let me know if you spot any mistakes!

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