Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tantric Art : Ögyen Dzambhala Thangka

Ögyen Dzambhala is shown here as Nor’kyong Chenpo – the great wealth protector. He carries the mongoose which issues countless jewels and gZi stones from its mouth and lower gate. This is a powerful testament to the real nature of wealth as the transcendence of the ‘pure / impure dichotomy’. Ögyen Dzambhala’s khatvangha is his secret inner wisdom nature – Yeshé Tsogyel in her manifestation as Nor-chen Pamo. The five-coloured garuda flies from the tip of Ögyen Dzambhala’s golden vajra in display of the self-liberated nature of the elements. Ögyen Dzambhala is clothed in floral armour which symbolises the strength of needing no protection – his wealth is self-existent and cannot be removed. His territory is indestructible because he has no need to own it. His territory is increasingly vast because he continually gives it away to all beings.

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