Thursday, 6 October 2011

Backups sponsored by SpiderOak

A computer can let you down at any moment, and when it does the result can be disastrous - total loss of data.  So we need backups.

With this in mind we've been backing up the server that hosts the Aro websites.  Every day, a backup is taken of every website.  The only problem with this arrangement is that the backup files sit on the server.  So in the event of total disaster, everything is still lost.

With this in mind we have been copying the backups to a safe place every month.  This is a piece of work that we could happily stop doing, if there was a way of automating it.

So in September we installed Spideroak on our server.

SpiderOak watches for any changes in the files and ships off any new or changed files to the SpiderOak servers.  Because of this our daily backups are now copied to SpiderOak servers, so in the event of the loss of our servers we can recover all the sites.  And all of this happens without us having to remember.

SpiderOak encrypts all the data, so it always remains private.  It also deduplicates so that if the same file is backed up more than once it only takes up the same space as one copy.

The good people of SpiderOak have been most generous and sponsored us with 30Gb of space.  This should keep our sites safe for some time to come.

If you want to know more about SpiderOak, please see their website (  If you decide to sign up with them, please use our referral link - - you will get 3Gb of space, free, and we get another 1Gb added to our space.

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