Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Keeping Cool : Fridge Magnets and a Prize Draw

Do you have space on your fridge for a fridge magnet?

In a departure from books, posters and cards we are about to begin the production of fridge magnets of calligraphies and quotations.  Some people have already expressed enthusiasm about this possibility.

We would like to offer five fridge magnets as prizes.  If you would like to win one here are the rules.

(1) Find us on Facebook and become a fan.

(2) Take a photograph of the space on your fridge that you'd like to fill with one of our magnets.

(3) Upload your fridge photo to our Facebook wall.

That's it.

We'll hold the prize draw at the end of June and notify the winners then.  Photographs won't be judged on artistic merit - but feel free to be artistic if you wish!

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