Sunday, 9 October 2011

Either Doc Togden is normal, or I'm odd too. Kris Gray reviews 'an odd boy'

Either Doc Togden is normal, or I'm odd too, as there are so many similarities here with my early life we could be brothers. We both had fathers who fought against our chosen musical careers and the length of our hair. I like biographies and this one of Doc's early life with his introduction to blues music at the tender age of 7 is like no other I have read before. I couldn't put it down, although often forced to by the late hour. He illustrates his points with quotes from many a blues song, film, poem or book to the extent that I have never seen before. This book should be a benchmark for all future music biographies, I'll even have to go back and re-write some of mine!

Any musician who grew up in the 50's and 60's, when the boundaries of music were being pushed further than they ever will again, will empathise with Doc and his struggles with family, friends and school to fulfil his ambition to be a blues musician. I urge all of those musicians to read this book; it will bring a tear to your eyes of both sadness and joy. I can't recommend it enough. Anybody who thinks The Beatles `Revolver' album was the best one they made certainly knows his stuff!

— Kris Gray

Kris Gray is a Blues musician, record produce, music agent, manage and author.

Volume 1 of an odd boy by Doc Togden is published by Aro Books worldwide and is available from, and - and your local bookseller.

Excerpts can be read on Doc Togden's Facebook fanpage and at

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  1. I agree with this reviewer. I think many of us are "odd."