Saturday, 11 December 2010

Relaxing into Meditation : Review by Booklorn Reviews

"This is a very accessible book on meditation with a lot of practical information, like how to make a sitting cushion/strap as well as the words for guided meditation that you can have someone read to you as you meditate or buy as audio tracks (or make your own, I suppose). I liked the fact that the book focuses on practicalities like how to relax and what meditation actually is rather than focusing, as another reviewer noted, on more esoteric aspects of meditation. As someone who does not meditate, but would like to, I found this book very useful in getting me started and giving me concrete steps to follow. ( )"

Relaxing into Meditation Ngakma Nor'dzin
Aro Books worldwide  ISBN 978-1-898185-17-8

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Relaxing into Meditation by Ngakma Nor'dzin
Aro Books worldwide  ISBN 978-1-898185-17-8

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