Sunday, 17 July 2011

Clear Invoices

Aro Books worldwide is a print-on-demand publisher.  Most of our orders are dealt with by Lulu who take the order and print and ship the books. This saves us considerable effort in terms of shipping and invoicing.

We receive some orders directly or via Gardners Books and then have to ship the books and invoice the customer.  For invoicing we rely on Clear Invoices which enables us to create and send invoices online.

Clear Invoices is easy to use.  Once you have added a customer or a product it becomes available from a drop-down list, so it is a simple matter to compose invoices.  When a payment is received the invoice can be marked as part paid or fully paid.

The system enables us to easily keep track of which payments are still outstanding.

The Clear Invoices service that we use is free.  This is important to Aro Books worldwide as we operate on a charitable basis – all work is donated and all proceeds are donated to our parent charity Sang-ngak-chö-dzong.

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