Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pagan Spirits - Relaxing into Meditation with author Ngakma Nor'dzin, guest blogger

Ngakma Nor'dzin has written a guest blog entry for Erin O'Riordan's Pagan Spirits blog.

"Relaxing into Meditation teaches how to live contentedly with a sense of well-being. We discover spacious peace of mind even when our life circumstances are far from ideal. Relaxation teaches us how to relax the body and meditation teaches us how to relax the mind. We discover that total relaxation of body and mind is our natural condition."

Please read the rest of the article here:

Relaxing into Meditation by Ngakma Nor'dzin
Aro Books worldwide  ISBN 978-1-898185-17-8

Available from,,, and other bookshops worldwide.

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